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By: Phillip Siegal

Publication: April 29th, 2014

Genre: Fiction, Chick-Lit.


The Break-Up Artist by Phillip Siegal is one crazy book. It follows a quirky heroine, Becca, who somehow got the idea that it’s okay to charge $100 via PayPal to customers who want her to break up couples. Usually these customers are friends of one-half of the couple and are trying to break them up for their own reasons, whether they feel like they’re losing their best friend or they’re a money-grubbing college football coach  (both are true examples from this book). Becca believes it’s her job to help single girls out there who are being treated like “second class citizens”.

Who or what influenced Becca to start this business:

1.) Her sister, Diane was dumped 6 hours before her wedding and now sits on the couch doing nothing with her life. She’s the only one that knows about Becca’s business and supports it fully because of her own broken heart.

2.) Becca’s ex-best friend, Huxley, ditched her for her boyfriend Steve, and for all the popularity that came with dating him.

3.) Becca’s unhappy about her relationships. She thinks she can “save” other people’s friendships by breaking up couples.

The Plot:

Becca’s been contacted by a “Mr. Towne” who wants her to break up Huxley & Steve, the most popular couple in the school. Becca is determined to accomplish her mission and does all sorts of crazy things. Here are some examples (trust me, though, there are plenty more):

* steals someone’s phone

* finds a girl from Steve’s past

* breaks into the boy’s locker room

* plants a condom wrapper and lipstick into Steve’s car in hopes that Huxley will think he’s cheating

* sneaks into a college party to spy

On a side note, she’s dealing with Val, her best friend, who decides she wants a boyfriend and flat out lies to get one. Oh, and what happens when Becca starts to have feelings for Val’s boyfriend, Ezra? Answer: Nothing good. Another side note: What will Becca think when she finds out the truth about Diane’s failed marriage? Was it really the Diane’s ex-fiance’s fault that they didn’t get along? Answer: Diane twisted her story. I’ll leave it at that.

My Thoughts:

I did enjoy parts of this book. I liked:

  • Small moments of friendship between Huxley & Becca.
  • The ending! Break-Up Artist = Make-Up Artist??
  • The whole idea of being The Break-Up Artist is very creative and interesting. It was entertaining to watch Becca come up with ways to destroy couples, but closer to the end, I thought Becca and her morals needed a reality check.

There were plenty of things I didn’t like about this book, though. Examples:

  •  Val tells Becca through a note, “I NEED A BOY”. No, Val, you don’t NEED one. You WANT one. Of course, she does get a boyfriend, but she lies to him during their relationship and pretends to be interested in everything he is. And she changes herself way too much for his approval.
  • As I mentioned above, I did not like Becca’s morals. “I’m just speeding up the inevitable”? What kind of excuse is that? What if one of the couples she broke up would’ve one day gotten married if she hadn’t messed with their relationship? How does she not feel terrible about herself? Causing anger and fights and drama and betrayals? Lying to people? This just screams “WRONG!” and yet, Becca doesn’t see it through more than half of the novel.
  • Ezra. What a total creep. I don’t even understand Becca’s attraction to him! He’s dating her BEST FRIEND! How does a warning bell not go off in her head? How does Val not even realize through half the book that they’re into each other??
  • Ezra/Becca’s kiss in the car. Becca just said, “I think we should kiss”. Does she not even feel any guilt? Does it not even cross her mind that he’s her best friend’s boyfriend?
  • Unrealistic portrayal of Steve’s parents. I know this is a small complaint, but what kind of parent would ENCOURAGE their child to “do another shot, Stevie”? What kind of parent?

Overall, The Break-Up Artist wasn’t my favorite. Like any other book, it wasn’t all bad. I had some moments where I smiled, and other moments where I thought, “This is ridiculous!” and wanted to tell Becca so. It’s not a boring book. Plenty of dramas are going on, enough to keep you reading till end.

My Rating: 2 stars.





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