2015 Bloggy Goals

Happy 2015! To kick off the year, I wanted to share my goals for this new year and hear all about yours! Leave a comment below with your blog or reading goals of 2015.

Okay, so let’s talk about my 2015 bloggy goals:

I started book blogging last July, so I’ve merely dipped my toe into the world of reviewing and blogging. I think this year has a been a great one for me, as I’ve learned so many things by running my own website and reading so many new books. 2015 is going to be a big year, I’ve got major things going on like possible author interviews & events, a new design for Real Rad Reads, and even a movie set visit! Here’s a list of my top five biggest bloggy goals of 2015:

1. Booktubing

christine gif

I’d love to take Real Rad Reads to the world of Youtube and Booktubing. I’ve already got a few tools and connections going, so don’t be surprised if sometime next year you get to see me fan-girling over books on camera. I’d still keep up with my blog, but I think Youtube is a really creative outlet that’s useful to a lot of different people, including book lovers. If you haven’t checked out any  booktubers, definitely look at Epic Reads, Katytastic, PolandbananasBOOKS, and PeruseProject, they are just some of my favorite channels.

2. A new design

drawing gif

I’m currently reaching out to designers in hopes of getting Real Rad Reads a new look for 2015! My dream blog would be very colorful and bold, and I can’t wait to share what the new design is going to look like when it’s finally finished.

I’m also working on new post ideas for you! I want more of my posts to be creative, fresh, and definitely varying in what their content and focus is. I’ve got a lot options to explore, all of them being pretty bookish, so look out for new posts and memes coming your way in 2015. I’ll still be writing my usual reviews, as I feel that they’re the backbone to Real Rad Reads, but some of my new ideas should be coming soon.

3. Attend a bookish event.

john green gif

Any event, whether it’s huge event like Book Expo America or just a local author event I’m helping out with, I’d love to be present with authors and other readers alike.

Yes, John Green, nerd life is better.

4. Work with more authors, publishers, bloggers, and readers.

reading gifI love talking with bloggy friends and sharing my favorites with readers, and I want to continue to make such good connections in the book community as 2015 arrives. I also want to work more directly with publishers and authors, whether it’s blog tours, interviews, or just plain reviews.

5. Have fun-because that’s what blogging is truly about.

party gif

Blogging is all about having fun, it’s truly not about writing the perfect posts or getting all of the books, and yes, I know this is cliche (I read teen books-almost everything in those is a cliche!) but, blogging is truly about having fun and enjoying yourself.

What are your bloggy or reading goals of 2015? Leave a comment below!


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