Unveiling the new Real Rad Rads!

Hi everyone!

excited gifs I’m very excited at the moment, since it’s finally time to share the new Real Rad Reads website! I’ve been making myself refrain from sharing any of the amazing new design for months now, and I can finally unveil it for you and everyone else on the internet.

So, without further ado, here’s the link to the offical new design: Realradreads.com

elsa gif

Go forth and click, and be sure to subscribe, as I’ll be getting rid of this wordpress website in the coming weeks to fully transition to the new site.

The design was done by the lovely Lizy Bloom, a web designer who blew me away with her creativity, skills, and general awesomeness. Thank you so much, Lizy, for all the phone calls, emails, and for accepting all of my crazy, random ideas and turning them into a masterpiece. I will forever be recommending you and your amazing talents.

My favorite part of this new design is the how colorful, bright, and RAD everything is. I loved personalizing the site by choosing my favorite quotes for the background, and for the titles of my favorite books that are actually on the spine of the books in the new header. These key details made everything so personal and fun, and I’m glad that there are so many pieces of me and my favorite books integrated into the new design.

I hope to see you around the new blog! I’ve got lots of fun posts planned, and I can’t wait to share all that’s new with you! See you there, and have a RAD day!

emma watson gif

~Mary Claire


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