Review Policy and Contact

~What I Review~

I primarily review Young Adult fiction, with a few Middle Grade books.

~My Favorite Genres~

* Science Fiction

* Fantasy

* Contemporary/Romance

* Thriller/Mystery

* Historical Fiction

* Coming of age stories

~ARCS & Review Copies~

If you would like to send me an ARC or a review copy, please email me. I also use Edelweiss and have Adobe Editions for my E-reader, so it is possible for you to send me your book digitally.

I am currently accepting ARCS and review copies.

~My Reviews~

A review includes:

*General information pertaining to the book (publication, genre, synopsis, cover picture, author’s name)

* Links to the author’s personal website or blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobles so that readers can find and buy the book with one click and find out more about the author and their projects.

* My personal rating and thoughts (generally 3-4 paragraphs, not including the  summary of my final thoughts at the end of the review)

* If your book is published in several months, I will write a “Review Preview” which is a sneak peek of what I’m reading and what I thought of it. The preview review still has the general information and links about the book, my personal rating, and about a paragraph with a few examples of what I enjoyed or didn’t. A full review for your book will be published, and it will be much longer and more in depth than the preview is. The preview is to generate buzz about your book and to share with my readers a little taste of what is publishing soon.




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